iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 6S Plus:


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21 days price lock guarantee

  • Unfortunately, we cannot make an offer for your device at this time because our system found your device to have no value.


Our entire business model is based solely on our customers' ability to trust us, and doing anything to jeopardize that would be unwise on our part!
We understand that asking you to send your device to us before being paid is a huge ask, but be rest assured that we will always honor our own side of the bargain... we always have!
From humble beginnings, EcoCell has built its strong reputation through face-to-face meetings with clients like you. Our ratings from local marketplaces like OfferUp, 5Miles, Letgo, Facebook and more speak for themselves! If not for the distance, we would cherish a face-to-face with you as well!

Our trade-in process is super transparent! You will be able to keep track of the progress of your offer through your EcoCell account (if you have opened one) or by using our unique tracking system.  We will keep you updated from the time your device is delivered to us until the completion (payment) or cancellation of your offer.

We buy the following types of devices:
  • Fully paid-off i.e. not under any financial contract
  • Never been reported lost or stolen
  • Never been blacklisted (applicable to any device with an ESN/IMEI number)
  • Free of any kind of security or access locks. Such locks include iCloud locks, Google Activation locks, passwords, etc.

No worries! Select a condition that best describes your device. We will evaluate your devices(s) and adjust the offer accordingly once received. Your reevaluated offer price could end up being higher or lower.